What Is the Future of Digital Marketing?

The pandemic put a pretty heavy damper on 2020 marketing campaigns and advertising tactics. This led to a scramble to adapt to the new normal and create strategies that fit how consumers were able to interact with businesses.

Some examples of this include retail and grocery stores offering curbside pickup and deliveries for their goods. Not only did this mean adding an entirely new logistic process, it required heavy digital marketing in order to reach an audience that had to spend their time primarily at home. Existing digital companies were on the other end of the spectrum where their current efforts were met with an even larger audience, stimulating substantial growth.

The Impact of the Pandemic on Digital Marketing

If your organization hasn’t created a digital presence during lockdown, the changes stemming from the pandemic will make it a necessity. Traditional companies such as car manufacturers and fashion studios have adopted many digital-centric techniques such as augmented and virtual reality campaigns that let potential customers view new product lineups from the comfort of their homes.

Mobile apps for businesses have also seen an uptick in popularity as it allows each company to control what a consumer experiences when they interact with them in the digital landscape. Azonaco has worked with companies across America to help bring their marketing into the digital age using the top trends of 2021.

2021’s Digital Marketing Trends

As we work towards the end of 2021 campaigns, the predictions in store for the rest of the year and the beginning of 2022 will be leveraging new technology and opportunities created amidst the pandemic.

One of the biggest trends that was already in practice but skyrocketed in 2021 is the creation of shoppable posts. By including the ability to instantly purchase an item seen in an advertisement, businesses are able to leverage the ever-increasing amount of screen time consumers are dedicating to various platforms.

Another hot digital marketing tool being used in 2021 is video marketing. Video content is the most engaging form of media available online. Not only does it grab the attention of potential customers but it then engages them long enough to deliver your company’s message. Written content is still a vital part of marketing but when it comes to feed-based platforms like social media, video has become king.

Consumers Crave Interaction

Shopping online removes the human touch that traditional stores are able to use as a part of their marketing. To help bridge that gap, artificial intelligence has seen an increase in utilization for interacting with customers directly through chat boxes. Modern AI is able to answer questions for customers and provide realistic replies using comprehensive sentences.

Lastly, we’ve seen a huge spike in customers engaging with polls, quizzes and open-ended questions posted online. Whether it’s a quick survey on a page (not as a pop-up) or asking for feedback on a social media post, consumers are quick to bite at the chance to have “human” contact even if it’s through their screen.

Is your company currently residing in the digital landscape? Whether you’re needing to move in or simply revamp your digital presence and marketing, Azonaco is able to help. We work with companies in multiple industries and regions of the country meaning there’s no one we can’t create a winning strategy for.

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