Hiring a Social Media Manager vs DIY

Social media management for small-to-medium sized businesses has become more of a necessity than a luxury over the years. Obviously our team of social media experts here at Azonaco can help virtually any company’s social media pages, but the truth is that we’re here to answer the call rather than just generate profit and then move on.

The social media landscape has expanded substantially, so much so that even groups such as ourselves who specialize in digital marketing are needing to open up our roster to new teammates.

Social Media Management Is More Than Status Updates

The age of the internet has introduced instant connections to devices all over the world. Social media platforms are one of the most popular uses of these connections, allowing users to share posts and content from anywhere in the blink of an eye.

Instant access to user’s feed isn’t only for friends and family though. Advertising, both paid and organic, through social media platforms such as Facebook is a powerful tool that can turn into an extremely lucrative investment into your digital marketing campaign.

How Social Media Enhances Traditional Advertising

There are two spires of social media management, marketing and advertising. Social media marketing is the face of your company on the platform. It’s what you post, how often you post, how well you interact with followers and how you handle public complaints just to add a little public relations (PR) work into the mix.

Coordinating content creation and post schedules with company events and national holidays takes dedicated work from an organized team. The marketing also has to sync up with the advertisements to avoid appearing like the same content is being copy/pasted everywhere.

Social media ads are typically images or videos that appear as posts on the user’s feed with the ability to target specific demographics. Targeted ad research dives into the likes, interests, follows, posts and links of a specific userbase to find the traits that link them all and use this to make each impression as impactful as possible.

Social Media Doesn’t Slow Down

Running 24/7, the social media cycle is posting, sharing and churning through content at an extraordinary pace. As such, the approach taken to social media management must be engineered with as many details in mind as possible.

A team of seasoned social media agents will uncover the best times, days and season’s to post, when to reach out to non-converted ad targets and the type of content that generates the most value. Social media management teams will also know when to swap platforms or what social issues are emerging and how to handle them.

Don’t Miss Out on Social Media Marketing

The amount of work that goes into proper social media management may seem like a lot, but the opportunities that can be found through each platform far outweigh the cost of bringing on a team to take advantage of those opportunities. Let us know a little more about your business and let’s see how we can work together to get your social media game to the next level.

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