What Makes a Good Content Creation Strategy?

It’s no surprise that the increasing accessibility to the digital marketing world has created a sea of duplicate content and reused articles that are often word for word copies of pieces from another site owned by the same company or shamelessly sold to different groups with no changes to make it unique.

Knowing the Lay of the Land

The push for all of this marketing material is largely due to the fact that analog media and marketing, while still having a place, have been falling out of the spotlight for quite some time. Google, the ambivalent lord of the SEO land, has created tools and dashboards that make it easier for anyone to practice and hone their SEO skills.

While this is an amazing leap forward for accessible technology, it opened up the flood gates to any and everyone with a website that wanted to boost their Search Engine Results Page, or SERP.

It truly isn’t a bad thing. Competition creates innovation and the need to adapt, meaning that today’s SEO content has to be created with more focus than a simple keyword density target. Our team here at Azonaco has watched this transition happen, staying on top of the changes as they develop.

Understanding Search Engines and What the Market Wants

It’s more important than ever to make sure that your content creation strategy is properly planned and implemented. The possibility of having your work get lost amongst the millions of other pages and results has never been so high. Artificial intelligence and bot networks that function similarly to Google’s are able to find and tell you the keywords to use, which is why everyone can now follow suit and oversaturate a market’s search results.

Don’t Pull a David vs. Goliath

The start of any great digital marketing content creation strategy is getting a plan in place to equip yourself and your business with the tools to get the job done. This includes working to define exactly what the goal is. The goal could be:

  • Lead Generation
  • Better SERP
  • Customer Retention
  • Sales Conversions

Find Your Audience and Reward Them

It’s the oldest trick in the book with good reason why it’s still there. Companies all across the nation have worked with Azonaco, each one needing content that both appeals to their audience and represents their company’s brand voice because selling yourself to a single person that’s actually in the market is worth more than 500 ignored ads or cold email campaign messages.

Now, we give them what they want! For tech fields, providing some behind-the-scenes sneak peeks into new hardware or software can be a free tool to get fans excited. Service industries can impart some knowledge to viewers and customers that don’t diminish the need for their services and still make the consumer feel more empowered.

Make Sure Momentum Is Put To Use

A rolling start makes no difference if you decide to pull over for a short break during the race. The goal is to become a leader in your niche. Being a leader doesn’t mean being the most successful but simply a trusted brand for information regarding your industry.

One of the areas we see most commonly blamed for a failed content creation strategy for small businesses is the lack of recurring visitors. As we dove into these cases, we realized that some companies have created such amazing and unique content with no push to keep it going.

It truly is an age of evolution in digital marketing. Take advantage of the insights and discoveries made by our team every day by reaching out to get started on creating your content creation strategy.

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