12 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business

When it comes to digital marketing for your small business, there’s no shortage of little optimizations that can go a long way to help improve your overall marketing results. With that being said, here are 12 of the quickest tips to implement to enhance your small business digital marketing.

1. Optimize Your Website

You’ll find that no matter where you go for marketing advice, having an optimized website is one of the first steps. Websites have become the resume AND cover letter of the business world now that the transition to a digital landscape is all but complete and traditional marketing practices are whittled down to just the most efficient.

2. Create Multi-Purpose Content

In order for your website to gain and retain new sets of traffic, you’ll need to provide them with something of value outside of the product or service being provided. Blog posts and articles listed on your website can engage visitors with information and attract SEO crawlers to represent these posts with top listings on search results.

3. Don’t Ignore Local Marketing

There are two things you can do from the start to get off on the right foot and those are creating a Google My Business listing and making an investment in local marketing. These approaches work hand in hand as a well crafted Google My Business listing is ripe for SEO marketing at the local level almost immediately after being created.

4. Identify Your Demographic

Being able to tailor make each piece of content and advertising directly for the customers you want to obtain makes every dollar spent that much more impactful in regards to quality engagement.

5. Target Digital and Social Media Advertisements

When it comes to social media platforms, you’re entering their own proprietary ecosystem. What this means is that you’ll have to play by their rules but can also utilize the tools provided to make sure the right users are presented with your ads.

6. Engage With Your Audience

A static social media page that makes robotic posts on a set schedule will be seen right through by most social media users. Respond to inquiries and reviews left on social pages as quickly as possible to show an active engagement with the community.

7. Put Priority on Customer Service

Falling in line with the above tip, responding to feedback publicly shows you taking responsibility for your company whether it’s good or bad feedback. Every review is a chance to show you’re listening.

8. Follow Sales With a Review Request

Starting to get more traction for your business? Make sure you have automated email follow-ups that go out asking what they think! Excited customers will boost your reviews quickly and unhappy customers will give you great feedback for improvement.

9. Track Campaign Performance

It’s key to align your goals with the current trajectory of business performance. Raise goals for periods of high sales and adjust short-term goals when sales are struggling to get a better focus and find a solution.

10. Provide Extra Value To Drive Hype

Whether it’s in the form of shout-outs to social media influences or a giveaway of products, nothing gets potential customers more excited than the novelty of getting an item for free!

11. Only Create Social Media Accounts You’ll Actively Use

Every social media account left to sit alone for the rest of time is deadweight that you don’t need to carry along. If you’ve found certain platforms just aren’t working for you and you’d rather focus on others, think about removing that dormant account.

12. Adjust Business Goals Accordingly

You’ll want to evolve your business over time which means your goals should as well. Adding a new service? It’s time to set some short stretch goals. Added a new partner to the mix? Create goals and projects for them that feed into the overall goal.

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